I LOVE Fisher-Price doll houses. Growing up, we had the 1970’s “Play Family House” with the yellow roof and yellow stair case. This is what it looks like:

I was thinking about buying one on Ebay some years ago, even before I was married, but then one day about 5 years ago I was walking past the toy section in Target and I saw the cutest doll house. It was called “Sweet Streets Family House”.

I loved it immediately and bought it. And then after I took it out of its box, I kept it in my closet. If friends came over that had little kids I let them play with it but mostly it stayed in my closet. I still have it in a closet but it’s on top of V’s dresser where I see it every time I go to grab some new clothes for her.

V has actually gotten a glimpse a couple of times. She knows it’s up there on top of the dresser and when she walks into her room she goes to the dresser and looks up, waiting for me to pick her up to have a look. Mostly we open and close the front door or take the puppy from its puppy door and look at it. When she gets a little older I’ll let her play with it. Right now at 11 months she wont appreciate it.

The only thing I don’t like are the people.

They look a little silly to me. Maybe I’m just used to the vintage Fisher Price people.

I’ve decided that I’m going to make my own people. I’ve already made a few for my niece E and I have plenty of wooden people just waiting to be painted. These are the people I painted for my niece. I have something similar in mind for my doll house.

Now, if I only can find the time… .