IM says I’m a bit obsessed with being organized. I don’t think “obsessed” is quite it, but I do admire organization and try to keep and things organized in the immediate area that I see and work with on a daily basis. My kitchen pantry and cupboards are organized as I want them, more or less, I’ve organized my shoes and am slowly downsizing and selling off those I no longer want, and I’ve just completely overhauled my desk filing system, complete with new hanging file folders and tabs — tax season is right around the corner.

Since I cook and bake quite a bit through the week, I run out of ideas of what to make for lunch and dinner. I read an article once about making a list a week ahead of all the meals you plan to make, along with the ingredients needed, and thought it a good idea. It seemed a bit excessive to me at first, but the more I find myself struggling to come up with a meal a few hours in advance that is balanced and that V will actually eat, the more I’m realizing that I’ll probably be going down the path of meal planning myself.

Typical of me, if I’m going to start something new, I need to be enthusiastic enough about it to actually so it. This means I need cute meal planner pages to encourage me to actually write something on them. Voilà!  I made a weekly_meal_planner, and posted it here as a downloadable PDF.

The way it should work is that Sunday night, I sit down with my cookbook and pick recipes I plan to make for the week. I don’t think I’d need to do that for every day, but a couple of days a week would be helpful, especially in conjunction with the grocery list needed for those recipes. And having meals planned for the weekend when I need to cook for all three of us would be great.

Now, let’s see if I actually start and use this.