Here’s my little blue suitcase after covering it with two kinds of material. Overall I’m satisfied with it. I dug out some blue material pieces I thought would look good together. I really love this sun-moon design.

This was my first attempt at decoupage with material and I wasn’t sure how to do corners or how to put the material up against the hardware. I ended up cutting around the handles. Here’s the top of the suitcase with the sun front and center.

I still have to do the insides. I’m not sure how I’ll tackle it yet so I’ll let it wait. Plus, I’m short of the blue swirls material so I’ll have to dig around until I find something else that will coordinate.

I used Mod Podge to fix the material on the suitcase and then another layer on top to seal it. It had a tacky feel to it after it dried so I took a damp cloth and wiped it down. Much better.