V does a wonderful job of making herself understood. from the beginning she has always had good communication skills and even without words could make herself understood using body language like gestures, a look, or making sounds. She wasn’t like a lot of other kids who make up their own vocabulary, but there are two words of her own that she did, and still does use.

ga-gua: glasses. Who knows how that came to be, but that’s what glasses were called for many months. From age 1 until almost 2 she used that word.

tinky: cute (or super cute). She recently said “tinky Elmo” while we were reading a Sesame Street book. By the way, what is it about Elmo that makes kids love him? V hasn’t seen a singe episode yet of Sesame Street, but from the few books we have that include Elmo, he’s a stand-out character and she just loves him. And at her pre-school there is an Elmo stuffed doll that she loves to squeeze and carry around. Weird.

It won’t be long before she loses these since she’s learning new words very rapidly now. I’ll remind her of these when she’s older.