This weekend is my grandmother’s birthday. She turns 100. She has asked that no one give her gifts to celebrate her birthday, but I really wanted to give her something I made.

Since I’m completely obsessed with making dresdens these days, I wanted to make one for her. And since she is moving into a new house, I wanted to give her something bright and colorful for her bedroom.

grandmas dresden1

Using my stack of colorful materials, I picked 10 colors, a grey for the background and then black for the binding.

grandmas dresden2

I chose the order of colors for my petals and then went to work pinning in place and sewing.


I love it. I think it’s a perfect present for her. Since she is someone who has sewn for most of her life, I think she’ll like that I sewed this and forget that she really didn’t want anything at all.

grandmas dresden 4