V is starting to figure out that time is associated with certain events. For example, we leave the house for school in the morning at 8:30am, or nap time is 2:00pm.

Since she is only beginning to get this concept, I’ve been thinking that we need a clock for her to see the time so that she can begin to associate something visual with the concept.

Though my relatives are “clock people”, meaning like clocks and have them readily throughout the rooms in their homes, we, sad to say, have almost no clocks in our house. This is mostly because we are renters and I’ve been hesitant to hang things on the walls — though this is starting to change. I did buy a digital clock that we have in the living room, on the TV console, but a digital clock isn’t what I want to use to teach V about telling the time.

I need a nice, clear, analog clock. And preferably, one that makes a tick-tock sound. Hmmm. Sounds, like a craft project… .