Remember my idea to do something with the number 3 illustration I found?

I thought I could do this in chocolate. I printed it out in black and white and traced it using some colored icing. Here’s what mine came out like.

The first picture is with the dark chocolate first. The second and third pictures are with the colored icing. For the icing I used white chocolate colored with turmeric powder for the yellow, and with beet juice for the red. The colors were nice. I did these on wax paper so they peeled right off and went on easily onto the cake. I used the yellow one. It was 4 inches tall.

For the butterflies, I found a template online. I traced the outline in dark chocolate, and then did the filling in color. I put sprinkles on the yellow wings. I forgot to take a close up of the yellow butterflies, but you get the idea. I made red ones also, but didn’t use them since the yellow color went better with the pink frosting (also dyed with beet juice).

Here’s a picture of the red wings.

I’ll have to write more information about the tool I used, but I’m out of time now… .