On the way to and from school we listen to the radio in the car. We listen to top 40 radio stations and V is definitely familiar with a lot of contemporary songs. Her favorite artist is Adele and loves every song she’s heard so far by Adele.

From time to time we watch videos on Youtube, mostly the Piano Guys, some Slovak folk dance or classic dances by Debbie Renolds or Gene Kelly. This time I decided to show her the video “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele so that she could see what Adele looks like.

Here’s part of our conversation:

V: She’s sad. Why is she sad?

Me: Well, she liked this guy and he didn’t like her back, so she’s a little sad about it.

V: Oh. Well, she should take a nap.

Me: She should?

V: Yeah. When she takes a nap, maybe she’ll feel better after she wakes up.

Me: Yes, you are absolutely right.

So there you have it. Sage advice from a 3-year-old. When you’re sad or not feeling your usual chipper self, take a nap and you’ll probably feel better when you wake up.