coin wall art

Since I’ve been looking into my stash of coins lately, I found a bunch of random coins that I wanted to make into something I can display.

Some of the coins I held on to from trips to Europe in the 90s, some IM’s grandmother gave me this last visit to Slovakia when I asked her if she had any still lying around, and some are ones I picked up at flea markets over the years. I like the ones from the former communist countries. There’s some from the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, and Czechoslovakia. There are even some from former East Germany.

CCCP coin

Yugoslavia coin

DDR coin

I liked the idea of a picture frame and found a floating frame that holds the coins between two pieces of glass. I’m not sure if it allows more light to show off what’s inside but it’s a cool effect. Plus, if you turn the frame over you can see the back sides of the coins.

After I gently washed them with a little kitchen soap and warm water, I placed as many as I could in the 6 x 8 frame.

coins in a frame

I showed it to IM and we decided a good place for them would be our guest bathroom. It’s a teeny tiny bathroom but still it needed something on the wall in the blank space above the toilet.

After I hung it there, it looked so lost, even within that small piece of wall. So I decided I’d lay some outlines around the frame with washi tape. It helped.

bathroom art

It’s hard to miss the frame now since there is practically a bulls eye pointing it out.

washi tape border