I thought to myself, what if I made a collage only from vintage papers, say, at minimum 60 years old. Would I have enough papers to be able to actually assemble something interesting? How would I do this?

Altered book cover

I decided on taking an old book and prepared it by tearing out some pages, and then gluing others together to make thicker pages.

altered book page spread

Then I covered both facing pages almost entirely, making a collage of images. Sometimes there was a theme like with this flying ace.

flying ace collage

Other times it’s just what I think looks good together.


I found the picture of the flying ace at an antique mall. I googled this pilot’s name and it tuned out that this is a picture of Brigadier General Wallace Gordon Smith.

Wallace Gordon Smith

I’ve sent 2 emails so far to different departments in the Air Force trying to locate an email address of a living relative to return the picture but thus far have had no luck with a response.

Meanwhile, I’ve done about 5 spreads. When I’m up to 20 I’ll do a video and a flip through. Here’s one more.

WWI soldiers collage

Most of the material I have is 80 to more than 100 years old. Everything I use is original. No paper copies of anything. The only exception I made was of the pilot’s photo. I reprinted that one so I have the original to return to a relative.