Recently we’ve gone through a partial remodel in our house of the master bedroom and both bathrooms. After 3 months we are done. It was a long process but it wasn’t terrible. It’s amazing how patient one can be when one knows how wonderful their home will look at the end of the project.

One of the closets in the master (there were originally two) was taken out to make room for a larger shower. There was just enough room, from what was the end of the removed closet, to add a small work space for a desk and light.

workspace nook

It’s a pleasant little nook with enough light that is in part provided by the solar tube in the ceiling above.

solar tube

I had some prints done to decorate the walls. Of course I picked images of Vienna. This one is from Heldenplatz looking towards the Rathaus. I didn’t take this, by the way, just looked for and found it on Flikr.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 6.31.33 PM

The other print above the mantle is of the Rathaus. We’re very happy with the changes. I’ll have to think about what I want to put on that mantle; probably nothing.